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On The Christmas Menu

As the festive season approaches I start to think about food a little more than usual, and in planning what I’ll serve on the day I’m reminded of past Christmas meals shared with loved ones. Read more

Shhhhhh…it’s a secret

 Secrets.Governments have them. Families have them. We all have them.They can be precious things to treasure, like the sweet whisperings of a lover. Or they can be dark and poisonous, like the memories of a retired assassin. They have the power to help or hinder. They can help solidify a friendship or tear it apart.But the biggest thing about secrets is they are so very tempting to share. Read more

Desire and Prejudice

  Read more

Heart To Heart Podcast: Episode 14: Victoria Dahl

This month we meet the sassy Victoria Dahl, bestselling author of historical and contemporary romances. Her most recent books are Flirting With Disaster and Taking The Heat, both released this year.Battling through a cold, Victoria talks with Heart to Heart host Kat Mayo about how women have struggled for too long to tell their own stories. “I’m really, really happy to see novels moving towards being honest about women’s needs and wants and sexuality,” she says. Read more

Sarah Wendell

Sasha Cottman

Leisl Leighton

Meet Leisl Leighton, the author of the thrilling romantic suspense Killing Me Softly.

Destiny - Elise Ackers

Melbourne-based Elise reflects on her journey to becoming a Destiny Romance author, and her romantic suspense novel "Small Town Storm."

Anna Cowan reads Untamed

Anna Cowan reads from her hit regency romance Untamed, featuring the incomparable Duke of Darlington.

Destiny - Anna Cowan

Anna Cowan, author of the controversial Untamed, chats to Carol about writing a regency romance that breaks all the rules.

Destiny - Mary Costello

Carol chats with Mary Costello and we discover which AFL player was the inspiration for our hero in The Reluctant WAG, Destiny's first sports romance.

Destiny - Emmie Dark

Emmie Dark, author of Spellbound, on the challenges of writing erotic romance.
  • Sarah Wendell
  • Sasha Cottman
  • Leisl Leighton
  • Elise K Ackers
  • Anna Cowan reads Untamed
  • Anna Cowan
  • Mary Costello
  • Emmie Dark
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