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Villains To Die For

  From the second we hear the opening strains of Darth Vader’s signature musical theme in the Star Wars movies, our pulse begins to race. When the cunning, devious Loki in the Avengers smiles that devastating smile of his, we are smitten. Without the villain in the latest James Bond adventure, there simply is no movie. Even as repulsive as he is, King Joffrey in Game of Thrones has a certain, can’t-tear-your-eyes-away attraction. Read more

Father Knows Best


With Father’s Day coming up, Sunday September 7,  we asked Destiny authors to share some of the most memorable advice they have received from their Dads:“Never date a man with a motorbike.”
Jennifer St George Read more

Six Best Kept Secrets About Broken Hill by Leesa Bow

 To most of us, Broken Hill is a remote mining town where nothing much happens. New Adult author, Leesa Bow, who grew up there and used it as the backdrop for her new book, Charming The Outback, reveals otherwise: Read more

How To Create a Romantic Mood by Louise Reynolds

 How to Create a Romantic Mood by Louise Reynolds, author of Red Dirt Duchess and a lighting designer who has illuminated everything from a bridge to a five-star hotel.Most of my working life has been spent as a lighting designer and I learned long ago that one of the lynchpins of a romantic evening is good lighting. A successful lighting scheme is a bit like personal dressing. The trick is to layer elements that complement each other yet know their place: Read more

Sarah Wendell

Sasha Cottman

Leisl Leighton

Meet Leisl Leighton, the author of the thrilling romantic suspense Killing Me Softly.

Destiny - Elise Ackers

Melbourne-based Elise reflects on her journey to becoming a Destiny Romance author, and her romantic suspense novel "Small Town Storm."

Anna Cowan reads Untamed

Anna Cowan reads from her hit regency romance Untamed, featuring the incomparable Duke of Darlington.

Destiny - Anna Cowan

Anna Cowan, author of the controversial Untamed, chats to Carol about writing a regency romance that breaks all the rules.

Destiny - Mary Costello

Carol chats with Mary Costello and we discover which AFL player was the inspiration for our hero in The Reluctant WAG, Destiny's first sports romance.

Destiny - Emmie Dark

Emmie Dark, author of Spellbound, on the challenges of writing erotic romance.
  • Sarah Wendell
  • Sasha Cottman
  • Leisl Leighton
  • Elise K Ackers
  • Anna Cowan reads Untamed
  • Anna Cowan
  • Mary Costello
  • Emmie Dark
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