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Heart to Heart Episode 11: Kelley Armstrong

This month we talk to Canadian author Kelley Armstrong about a time when people rejected the idea of sexy werewolves, the TV version of her huge bestseller Bitten, her latest writing projects and reading stuff you shouldn’t growing up.  Read more

My Love Affair with Dukes

  Read more

The Book or the Movie?

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Heart to Heart Episode 10: Jodi McAlister

 This month on Heart to Heart, we chat with romance scholar Jodi McAlister about fan fiction, film versions and Fifty Shades of Grey.Jodi talks about the global phenomenon that is Fifty Shades, as well as the fine line between romance and porn, issues of class and consent in fiction, romance snobs, and our obsession with alpha male heroes. Why do some adaptations work better than others? Especially Outlander - “the wedding episode of that is the hottest damn hour of television ever!” Read more

Sarah Wendell

Sasha Cottman

Leisl Leighton

Meet Leisl Leighton, the author of the thrilling romantic suspense Killing Me Softly.

Destiny - Elise Ackers

Melbourne-based Elise reflects on her journey to becoming a Destiny Romance author, and her romantic suspense novel "Small Town Storm."

Anna Cowan reads Untamed

Anna Cowan reads from her hit regency romance Untamed, featuring the incomparable Duke of Darlington.

Destiny - Anna Cowan

Anna Cowan, author of the controversial Untamed, chats to Carol about writing a regency romance that breaks all the rules.

Destiny - Mary Costello

Carol chats with Mary Costello and we discover which AFL player was the inspiration for our hero in The Reluctant WAG, Destiny's first sports romance.

Destiny - Emmie Dark

Emmie Dark, author of Spellbound, on the challenges of writing erotic romance.
  • Sarah Wendell
  • Sasha Cottman
  • Leisl Leighton
  • Elise K Ackers
  • Anna Cowan reads Untamed
  • Anna Cowan
  • Mary Costello
  • Emmie Dark
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